Ep. #3416

Season 14, Episode 154 -  Air Date: 10/27/2000
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Rick is hurt that Amber has agreed to marry CJ. He asks her to remove the ring and replace it with her wedding ring, which he still has. Amber asks him not to do this, but he refuses to give up. Amber later goes to a church and asks for guidance. CJ tells Clarke, Sally and Darla that Amber accepted his proposal. Sally and Clarke give their blessing once they realise it is what CJ really wants. Amber returns home to a suprise engagement party. Darla notices that Amber‘s mind is elsewhere but she assures CJ that she is thrilled. Rick goes to Furnace Creek to visit Joe and Tilly. They talk about how they miss Becky and then Rick brings up the subject of little Eric‘s biological father. Joe gets angry and doesn‘t want to talk about him, but Rick says that he needs to know who he is.