Ep. #3415

Season 14, Episode 153 -  Air Date: 10/26/2000
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Brooke admits to Bridget that now Thorne and Kimberly have slept together that any future that could have been for herself and Thorne is over forever. Kimberly starts to tell Thorne the truth but he is filled with guilt about sleeping with her. He offers to stand by Kimberly and apologises. Bridget later comes by and is thrilled that Thorne seems to be getting closer to Kimberly. Kimberly believes it‘s only a matter of time before Thorne will love her. Rick tells Jonathan that finding the baby‘s real father is the only way for him to get parental rights. He hopes that it will also bring Amber back to him. Rick starts researching and gives Becky‘s father Joe a call. Amber asks CJ if he is sure he wants to marry her. Amber gets caught up in the moment at the idea of having a stable family again and accepts to be CJ‘s wife.