Ep. #3414

Season 14, Episode 152 -  Air Date: 10/25/2000
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Brooke accuses Thorne of destroying what they had between them. Thorne insists that it was just drunken sex that he can‘t even remember. Brooke tells Thorne not to touch her and storms out. Kimberly has second thoughts about making Thorne believe that they slept together. Bridget tells Kimberly to keep the lie going or else Thorne will return to Brooke. Kimberly later finds Thorne feeling down and he beats himself up about taking advantage of Kimberly. Brooke is shocked that Bridget knows about Thorne and Kimberly‘s night together and warns Bridget to stay away from Kimberly. Rick visits Amber and the baby and asks her to consider a life with him. CJ comes home and throws Rick out. Rick meets with Jonathan. He asks Jonathan to help him in finding the baby‘s biological father and getting him to sign over his rights so Rick can take him back. CJ proposes to Amber again.