Ep. #3413

Season 14, Episode 151 -  Air Date: 10/24/2000
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Sally, Clarke, CJ, Darla and Connor crack open the champagne at their victory over the Forrester family. Amber stands off to the side with the baby and is sickened by them gloating. CJ later apologises to Amber, but she is angry that CJ can take pleasure in other people‘s pain. Amber tells him that they all love the baby and the situation isn‘t fair on anyone. Eric comforts Rick as he sobs that he has lost Amber and the baby. Brooke refuses to believe Kimberly‘s words but Kimberly tells her that she loves Thorne and showed him so in the bedroom. Brooke rushes to Thorne to demand some answers but he avoids the issue. Thorne admits to being drunk and then waking up with Kimberly at his side but he insists Kimberly means nothing to him. Brooke is crushed.