Ep. #3410

Season 14, Episode 148 -  Air Date: 10/19/2000
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Sally advises CJ to keep his mouth shut and allow her to talk to Stephanie and Rick. They arrive at the Forrester home as Rick and Stephanie notice that CJ has moved his things out. Sally tells them that CJ is moving back in with her. Stephanie and Rick are pleased until they try and take the baby. Darla and Amber chat at The Insomnia Cafe. Darla wonders why Amber isn‘t happy about leaving the Forrester estate. Darla questions Amber‘s feelings for CJ and asks her if she is still in love with Rick. Amber insists that once CJ moves out, she will be coming too. Ridge finds Clarke at Forrester Creations. Clarke drops hints that he knows that Ridge is the father of Morgan‘s baby. Ridge flips out and yells at Morgan for telling Clarke.