Ep. #3407

Season 14, Episode 145 -  Air Date: 10/16/2000
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Thorne wakes up and finds Kimberly in his bedroom dressed in his shirt. He obviously doesn‘t remember a thing as Kimberly tells him that they slept together. Kimberly later meets with Bridget and tells her that she spent the night with Thorne but nothing sexual happened. Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor how much she loves Thorne and that she can‘t cope without him. Ridge tells her that she has made the right decision. Thorne calls and Brooke tells him to stop. Clarke and Sally discuss CJ‘s marriage proposal to Amber. Clarke thinks things are spinning out of control. Eric, Stephanie and Rick talk about CJ and Rick says that he won‘t allow CJ take the baby away from him. Breakfast is met by more bad attitude from CJ. Stephanie tells CJ that his marriage proposal to Amber was a desparate attempt of trying to hold onto her. CJ later calls Sally and asks for her help.