Ep. #3406

Season 14, Episode 144 -  Air Date: 10/13/2000
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As the new boss of The Insomnia Cafe, CJ has a romantic meal arranged. He and Amber share good food and conversation as Rick and Bridget enter. Rick is jealous, but Bridget feels Rick is better off without Amber. Rick defends Bridget and asks her to set CJ‘s car alarm off so that he can speak with Amber alone. Rick traps Amber in the ladies and kisses her. Taylor calls to check on Brooke and Brooke tells her how Thorne was in her bedroom. Taylor reassures Brooke that she has done the right thing in putting her children first. Kimberly tries talking to Thorne, but realises he is intoxicated. Kimberly kisses Thorne and in his drunken state he responds. As Thorne fades in and out of consciousness, Kimberly takes him into the bedroom.