Ep. #3405

Season 14, Episode 143 -  Air Date: 10/12/2000
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Brooke is devastated about sending Thorne away. She barges into Eric‘s office where he is working with Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke lashes out at all of them for destroying her life. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is glad that the relationship is over. Kimberly sees Thorne arrive home and he begins drinking. Bridget goes home so Kimberly can be with Thorne. Thorne swigs Tequilla straight from the bottle. He is in serious agony as he burns photos of Brooke. Filled with memories of everybody telling him that Brooke would destroy him, he realises that they were all correct. Thorne breaks down when he comes across a photograph of Macy. Drunk and distraught, Thorne falls to the floor and then sees Kimberly standing over him.