Ep. #3404

Season 14, Episode 142 -  Air Date: 10/11/2000
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Taylor finds Ridge working late. He tells her of Morgan‘s accident and that she is having a boy. Taylor is surprised that Stephanie went to collect Morgan from the hospital. Stephanie accuses Morgan of tricking Ridge into being there for her. Morgan insists that he was there at the right time. Morgan says that the secret is still safe and she isn‘t after Ridge. Taylor pops in and congratulates Morgan on her baby boy. Bridget and Kimberly share an evening of movies but Bridget can‘t shift her guilt about hurting Brooke. Kimberly tells her that she did the right thing. Brooke asks Thorne to leave but he refuses and kisses her. Thorne tells her not to let her children run her life. Brooke tells him that for the first time in her life she is putting her children first and tells Thorne to go.