Ep. #3401

Season 14, Episode 139 -  Air Date: 10/6/2000
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Amber agrees to talk to CJ about his attitude but refuses to ask him to leave. Amber begs Stephanie to give CJ another chance to which she reluctantly agrees. CJ tells Sally about breakfast with the Forrester family. CJ tells Sally that he loves Amber, she advises him to really be sure on what he wants before pursuing anything with her. CJ goes back to Amber at the guest house and she talks to him about his attitude. He apologises and confesses his love. CJ pulls out a ring and asks Amber to marry him. Bridget doesn‘t understand how Rick can be falling for Amber again and tells him so. Ridge lashes out at Morgan for playing games with the reporter. Morgan tells him to relax and he says that he wishes she‘d have a miscarriage. Morgan is shocked by his cruel words. Later, Morgan falls off a chair whilst reaching for a book. Ridge sees her bleeding, but leaves her laying there.