Ep. #3399

Season 14, Episode 137 -  Air Date: 10/4/2000
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CJ demands to know what is going on between Rick and Amber. Amber tells CJ that Rick needed a friend, but CJ comes down hard on him for the situation with Kimberly. Rick is angry when CJ says that he will be staying in the guest house with Amber, but Amber suggests that he does sleep in the main house with Eric and Stephanie. Bridget finds Brooke in tears and Brooke tells her that Thorne is gone and that their relationship is over. Rick walks in and they all share a hug as they tell Brooke that they couldn‘t see her get hurt again. Kimberly goes over to Thorne‘s in spite of the fact that he wants to be alone. Kimberly learns that Brooke chose her children over Thorne. Kimberly later laments that she and Thorne can be together now.