Ep. #3398

Season 14, Episode 136 -  Air Date: 10/3/2000
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Kimberly stops by Stephanie‘s home to give her the latest developments. Kimberly says that Brooke is going to choose her children over Thorne. Stephanie isn‘t so sure as Brooke never does the right thing. CJ tells Sally that he hates living at the Forrester estate and this latest scandal with Kimberly is only going to make things worse. Rick talks with Amber about Brooke. Amber offers him comfort as he is upset and they grow closer. CJ returns and becomes jealous at seeing them together. Brooke tells Thorne that she can‘t marry him. Thorne begs Brooke to put all this behind them but she says that she has to think of her children. Thorne is desperate not to lose Brooke, but she tells him that it‘s over and asks him to leave.