Ep. #3397

Season 14, Episode 135 -  Air Date: 10/2/2000
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Taylor talks to Ridge about Brooke. Taylor believes Brooke‘s love for Thorne is sincere but that she will choose her children over her love. Sally, Clarke and CJ grill Kimberly about her kiss with Thorne. CJ calls Kimberly sick and Sally and Clarke tell Kimberly to stay away from him. Sally later feels she has to be the one to handle things. Rick and Bridget refuse to allow Thorne to hurt Brooke. They curse and insult Thorne to the point where Brooke asks them to leave. Kimberly meets with Bridget who informs her of the ultimatum she and Rick issued to Brooke. Brooke tells Thorne that Kimberly is no longer the issue, but her children instead. Brooke comments that she has hurt Rick and Bridget too many times before with her love life and she isn‘t prepared to do it again.