Ep. #3396

Season 14, Episode 134 -  Air Date: 9/29/2000
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Stephanie asks Kimberly what she feels for Thorne and she admits that it‘s love. Stephanie is suspicious, but Kimberly tells her that what she has with Thorne would be perfect if Brooke was out of the picture. Brooke seeks Taylor‘s advice. Taylor says that although Kimberly loves Thorne, she doesn‘t feel that his feelings for Kimberly are the same. Brooke wonders how Rick and Bridget will feel and Taylor tells her that she must put her children first after what has happened. Thorne refuses to fight Rick and tells him things have gotten out of hand. Rick accuses Thorne of cheating on Brooke and warns him to stay out of Brooke‘s life. Rick begins fighting with Thorne again as Brooke returns home. She is horrified and Rick tells her that Thorne has to go. Bridget enters and sides with Rick. They tell their mother that the choice is her children or Thorne.