Ep. #3395

Season 14, Episode 133 -  Air Date: 9/28/2000
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Rick rushes out to speak with Kimberly while Bridget is left with Amber. Amber tells Bridget that she doesn‘t seem surprised by Thorne and Kimberly‘s kiss. Bridget avoids Amber‘s questions but she can see right through her. Rick accuses Kimberly of going after Thorne to get back at Brooke. Kimberly snaps that it has nothing to do with Brooke and that she is in love with Thorne. Stephanie is beaming with happiness that things could be over between Brooke and Thorne. Eric isn‘t as happy as he feels the publicity is bad for the company. Stephanie later heads over to Kimberly‘s to find out what is really going on between her and Thorne. Thorne begs Brooke to listen to him. Brooke tells him that he should have told her about Kimberly‘s feelings for him. Brooke says she feels betrayed and leaves. Rick later comes by and punches Thorne out.