Ep. #3394

Season 14, Episode 132 -  Air Date: 9/27/2000
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Stephanie and Ridge fire questions at Thorne about Kimberly. He tells them that she has an infatuation for him and that there is nothing going on. Thorne says that he still intends to marry Brooke. Bridget wonders if she has gone too far in ending her mother‘s relationship with Thorne and starts to feel guilty. Rick tells Amber how happy he is for Brooke that she finally has a man that she can count on. Bridget walks in and tells Rick about the kiss, Rick feels Brooke must be devastated. Brooke rushes over to Kimberly‘s and begins hurling insults. They get into it about who is best for Thorne. Kimberly tells her that she and Thorne are seeing one another. Brooke thinks she is delusional and warns Kimberly that she is one step ahead of her.