Ep. #3392

Season 14, Episode 130 -  Air Date: 9/25/2000
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Forrester Creations is buzzing as preparations begin for Morgan‘s showing. Eric and Stephanie are not impressed that Thorne and Brooke plan to announce their engagement on stage. Ridge notices Kimberly is feeling depressed and Taylor informs him that Kimberly is in love with Thorne. Thorne runs into Rick and asks him to be his best man, to which he accepts. Bridget rushes to Kimberly and worries about Brooke and Thorne‘s announcement. Kimberly sees Brooke and Thorne kissing backstage. Morgan looks uncomfortable when the press takes photos of her with Taylor. Everyone notices Kimberly‘s strange behavior and Morgan asks Thorne to talk to her as the showing is about to start. As everyone gathers out front, Kimberly tells Thorne how much she loves him. She grabs him and kisses him as Bridget pulls the stage curtain away, revealing all to the audience.