Ep. #3391

Season 14, Episode 129 -  Air Date: 9/22/2000
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Stephanie, Eric and Ridge gather at Forrester Creations. Thorne arrives and asks them all to attend his wedding to Brooke. Ridge and Eric aren‘t impressed and Stephanie tells him not to marry Brooke. Thorne loses his temper when Stephanie begins blaming Brooke for Macy‘s death. Thorne storms out and tells them that he won‘t be returning to work at the company. Bridget flips out at Brooke when she again tries to get Bridget‘s blessing. Bridget tells Brooke that she wasted her time if she brought them to Hawaii to get her approval. Kimberly speaks with Taylor about Brooke and Thorne. Taylor guesses that Kimberly is in love with Thorne. Kimberly tells her that Thorne will soon realise that Brooke isn‘t the woman for him.