Ep. #3390

Season 14, Episode 128 -  Air Date: 9/21/2000
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Kimberly thinks Thorne is impressed by what he sees and she tries to seduce him over to the bed. He tells her that her infatuation with him needs to stop, he loves Brooke and wants Brooke. Kimberly sobs as he leaves. Sally tells Clarke about Stephanie‘s court order toward Amber. Sally informs him that Amber has a few tricks up her sleeve. Clarke fears that she is in for a fight. Everyone is shocked by Amber‘s idea of CJ moving into the guest house with her. Amber refuses to live there unless CJ can come too. Eric and Stephanie tell Rick that they have to make a compromise. CJ and Amber are about to leave when Stephanie gives in to her demands. Rick vows to get Amber and the baby back.