Ep. #3389

Season 14, Episode 127 -  Air Date: 9/20/2000
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CJ has Connor look at Amber‘s court order. Connor informs Amber that she has to comply otherwise she will be violating her probation. Amber is upset and doesn‘t want to leave CJ. Eric, Stephanie and Rick await Amber and the baby‘s arrival. Amber eventually turns up with CJ and informs them that she will move in on the one condition that CJ can move in too. Bridget is happy to be spending time with Brooke, but grows tired when Brooke mentions Thorne. Thorne later calls Brooke to see if there has been any progress but Brooke cuts the call short. Brooke informs Bridget that she and Thorne are announcing their engagement upon her return to L.A. Bridget calls Kimberly and tells her to make her move now. Kimberly makes sure Thorne can see her across the deck and then undresses in plain view. Showering so he can see, Thorne goes over to her place.