Ep. #3388

Season 14, Episode 126 -  Air Date: 9/19/2000
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Thorne tries to push Kimberly away but she goes on to say how much he means to her. Kimberly feels Brooke isn‘t the right woman for him and that all she is bringing him is pain. Bridget and Brooke arrive in Hawaii. Brooke hopes that she and Bridget can get their relationship back on track. Brooke later calls Thorne and realises that he is feeling low, but she promises him things will all work out soon. Bridget calls Kimberly and tells her to do something as soon as possible. CJ and Stephanie bicker as Amber comes home. Amber is shocked by the court order Stephanie provides her with. Amber and CJ argue with Stephanie for trying to control their lives. Amber refuses to leave CJ, but Stephanie warns her that she had better be at the Forrester home by the end of the day or else she will send the police.