Ep. #3386

Season 14, Episode 124 -  Air Date: 9/15/2000
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Bridget asks Kimberly if a couple of days will be enough for her to get through to Thorne. Kimberly seems possitive. Brooke goes to Thorne and tells him that they can‘t go public just yet as she is going to Hawaii with Bridget. Thorne is angry and feels Brooke is letting Bridget call all the shots. CJ tells Sally about Eric, Rick and Stephanie taking the baby. Amber arrives home and CJ and Sally warn her not to underestimate the Forrester family. Amber still feels that they won‘t cause trouble but Sally believes otherwise. Eric and Stephanie have a meeting with Jonathan about going after custody of little Eric. Rick says that he doesn‘t want to take the child from Amber. Jonathan manages to pull some stings on the Forrester‘s behalf that states that Amber and the child must reside at the Forrester estate for the duration of her probation.