Ep. #3385

Season 14, Episode 123 -  Air Date: 9/14/2000
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Amber is working at the Cafe Russe and sees Rick dining alone. He makes a play for Amber again but she feels it‘s just an act to get her and the baby back to the Forrester estate. Rick insists that he really does care for her again. Thorne calls Brooke and tells her that his patience is running thin, he makes her promise to go public with their relationship the following day. Brooke drops by to get some advice from Taylor. Taylor tells Brooke that Bridget needs her more than Thorne. Taylor suggests Brooke take Bridget out of town to show her how much her daughter means to her. Bridget confonts Kimberly and accuses her of wanting Thorne for herself. Kimberly admits that she loves Thorne. Bridget agrees to help Kimberly keep Brooke away. Brooke calls and asks Bridget to go to Hawaii with her. Kimberly thinks it‘s the perfect opportunity to grab Thorne.