Ep. #3384

Season 14, Episode 122 -  Air Date: 9/13/2000
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Taylor ponders who the father of Morgan‘s baby could be, but Ridge tells her to drop it. Morgan enters upon hearing her name and tells Taylor that she doesn‘t know her baby‘s father. Morgan says that she was artificially inseminated when Taylor was out of town. Brooke tries to see if Bridget has warmed any more to the idea of Thorne moving in. Bridget accuses Brooke of not caring for her feelings at all and storms out. Kimberly and Thorne talk after her photo shoot. Kimberly again brings up her feelings for him but he says that he is far too old for her, as well as being in love with Brooke. Kimberly mentions that Brooke hasn‘t been around much. Bridget drops by Kimberly‘s and watches her with Thorne.