Ep. #3383

Season 14, Episode 121 -  Air Date: 9/12/2000
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Rick asks Amber if what she feels for CJ is real. Rick suggests that CJ is vulnerable after Becky and Macy‘s death, and that Amber is alone since their marriage ended. He advises her to do some soul searching. CJ later returns and apologises to Amber. He confesses that he is afraid of losing her and admits that he loves her before giving her a kiss. Stephanie tells Brooke of Rick‘s plans to have Amber move back to guest house. Stephanie and Brooke get into it about her parenting skills. Kimberly takes full advantage of showing her sexier side during her photo shoot. She notices Thorne watching her and teases him. Thorne is annoyed when Brooke calls and cancels their dinner plans so that she can talk to Bridget. Kimberly then invites him to dinner herself.