Ep. #3382

Season 14, Episode 120 -  Air Date: 9/11/2000
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Kimberly goes to Brooke and tells her that she wants to return to work at Forrester Creations. Kimberly suggests a home photo shoot with Thorne supervising. Brooke arranges things with Giovanni. Brooke calls Thorne and fills him in on the arrangement, he is a little reluctant, but later agrees. Eric, Stephanie and Rick come up with ways to lure Amber and the baby back to the house. Eric suggests legal advice, but Rick believes that he can handle it. CJ and Amber discuss his reaction to her being at the Forrester home. CJ gets angry when Amber believes that the Forresters‘ intensions are sincere. CJ storms out. Rick later comes by and asks Amber if she ever wonders what it could have been like for them and that it‘s not too late to try.