Ep. #3381

Season 14, Episode 119 -  Air Date: 9/7/2000
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Kimberly riles Bridget up more by telling her exactly what‘s going on between Brooke and Thorne. Brooke and Thorne get hot and heavy as she strips to her underwear. Bridget rushes over and barges into Thorne‘s house. She tells Brooke that she is ashamed of her and yells at them both. Brooke quickly ushers her home. Thorne is annoyed but Kimberly is more impressed than ever. CJ has enough of Stephanie‘s attitude and storms out to go get little Eric back. Rick continues to pull on Amber‘s heart strings as CJ bounds into the Forrester home. He begins yelling at Rick for bribing Amber back there. Amber is confused as to what‘s going on. Stephanie enters and a full blown argument erupts. CJ grabs the baby and goes to leave but the Forresters‘ warn him not to walk out the door.