Ep. #3380

Season 14, Episode 118 -  Air Date: 9/6/2000
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Thorne tells Kimberly that she is confused. She comments that she isn‘t, what she feels for him is love. He tells her that he loves Brooke and nothing can ever happen between him and Kimberly. Kimberly later watches Brooke and Thorne from her deck. She calls Bridget and orders her to come over right away. Eric pulls some strings with Jonathan to arrange for Amber to miss her drug school. Rick talks with Amber about old times and tells her that he misses the baby and her too. Amber feels her should stop, but he touches her hand. Stephanie and CJ argue about the baby. CJ says that baby belongs with him, but Stephanie tells him that Amber and little Eric will be living with her now. CJ yells at Stephanie for going against Becky‘s wishes, but she says that Becky wanted the baby to live in safe enviroment, and that‘s something that he can‘t provide.