Ep. #3379

Season 14, Episode 117 -  Air Date: 9/5/2000
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Thorne is thankful to Kimberly for her song, but he doesn‘t get the message that she intended. Kimberly later drops by his place and thanks him for being there for her. She tells him that he means a lot to her and then confesses that she is in love with him. CJ visits Sally at work and she is surprised that he didn‘t ask for help with Amber‘s drug charges. Sally realises that CJ sees Amber as more than just a friend now. CJ tells Sally how Rick is trying to get Amber to move back to Forrester estate. Sally reminds him that Becky wanted he and Amber to raise the child. Stephanie makes Amber feel guilty about her drug charges. Eric and Stephanie push her to move back to the guest house. Amber refuses to leave CJ. Amber has to rush off to drug school but CJ is running late. Rick offers to take the baby. CJ later comes home and finds Stephanie there. He is angry when she tells him that the baby isn‘t coming back.