Ep. #3378

Season 14, Episode 116 -  Air Date: 9/1/2000
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Brooke finds Thorne in her office and she apologises for sending him away. Thorne thinks that he should talk to Bridget, but Brooke asks him to let her handle her daughter. Bridget meets with Kimberly at The Insomnia Cafe. Kimberly tells Bridget not to move out of home as she can keep Thorne away as long as she is there. Bridget thanks Kimberly for her support. Kimberly later feels it‘s time for she herself to make a move on Thorne. Thorne walks into the cafe and Kimberly sets herself up on the stage and sings him a song to say thank you. Stephanie learns of Amber‘s court charges from Eric and Rick. Stephanie decides that the baby isn‘t safe living in that apartment. CJ and Amber talk about her drug charges and how it‘s all behind them now. Once alone, Eric, Rick and Stephanie show up. Stephanie tells Amber that she has made a big mistake.