Ep. #3374

Season 14, Episode 112 -  Air Date: 8/28/2000
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Brooke tries to make Bridget see reason, but Bridget demands that she chose. Brooke suggests that Bridget come home so that they can talk, but she has to promise Bridget that Thorne won‘t be there. Kimberly is thrilled when she learns that Bridget has stalled Brooke and Thorne‘s plans of moving in together. Thorne later comes over to Brooke‘s with flowers but she sends him away. Morgan tells Taylor that she can‘t reveal who her child‘s father is as he wants to keep it secret. Taylor is annoyed but still promises to be there for Morgan. Ridge wonders how Taylor will react to learning he slept with Morgan. Stephanie says that it won‘t be easy but it has to be done. Ridge arrives home and prepares to tell all.