Ep. #3373

Season 14, Episode 111 -  Air Date: 8/25/2000
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Kimberly finds Thorne packing some things to take to Brooke‘s. Kimberly can‘t believe that Thorne is moving in with her. Thorne tells her that he will only be spending the occasional night for now. Kimberly isn‘t pleased. Bridget tells Eric how sick she feels at the thought of Brooke and Thorne being together. Bridget says that if Brooke chooses Thorne then she is moving out. Eric suggests that Bridget can live with him and Stephanie. Brooke tells Bridget that they need to talk, but she demands an answer on whether Brooke wants her daughter or Thorne. Stephanie advises Ridge to tell Taylor the truth now when he starts worrying about losing his family. Stephanie says he needs to do it before Morgan does. Morgan and Taylor have lunch. They discuss her baby and Taylor asks Morgan who the father is.