Ep. #3372

Season 14, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 8/24/2000
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Taylor finds Ridge in his office and comments that he hasn‘t been sleeping well and that he seems to be working far too much. Stephanie walks in and after Taylor leaves she says that Ridge needs to tell Taylor the truth that Morgan is pregnant with his child. Amber has a meeting with Sherman, her lawyer. He asks for a check for $500 for his services. He advises Amber that she could go to jail for 5-10 years and she begs him to do something. Thorne suggests moving into Brooke‘s place to show Bridget that they are serious about one another. Brooke says that it would be best if he only stay there part time until Bridget warms to the idea. Kimberly meets with Bridget and is happy with Bridget‘s anger toward Brooke and Thorne. Kimberly suggests Bridget go to her father for help. Bridget later tells Eric that Brooke and Thorne have to be stopped.