Ep. #3370

Season 14, Episode 108 -  Air Date: 8/22/2000
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CJ suggests that Amber get some help from Sally in regards to lawyers in court. Amber insists that she can handle it alone. Eric wonders about Amber‘s day in court. Rick calls her and learns that she is taking the baby, he suggests otherwise, but she hurries off the phone. CJ and Amber arrive at court and CJ insists that Amber needs a lawyer. Darla stops by to see Kimberly. Kimberly tells Darla that Bridget is the one person who can end Brooke and Thorne‘s relationship. Bridget blasts Brooke and Thorne for their relationship. Bridget thinks that they are both sick and is in shock when they tell her that they plan to marry. Bridget refuses to accept that her half-brother is dating her mother, and warns Brooke that either Thorne goes, or she will.