Ep. #3369

Season 14, Episode 107 -  Air Date: 8/21/2000
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Morgan flies into Stephanie‘s house as she is sipping her morning tea. Morgan tells Stephanie that she is going to make her pay. Stephanie tells Morgan that if she carries the baby to term she will go after the child in court. Morgan warns Stephanie to stay away from her, pulls out a jar with the tea inside and throws it in Stephanie‘s face. Bridget hears two guys at The Insomnia Cafe talking about Brooke and Thorne. Bridget is angry, especially after Kimberly confirms it. Bridget storms out as Kimberly is happy with herself. Brooke and Thorne lay in bed and make love. Brooke tells Thorne that she is going to tell Bridget about their relationship tonight. Thorne wonders if she will be ok, but Brooke believes that Bridget will be happy for them. Bridget later finds them together and is sickened.