Ep. #3368

Season 14, Episode 106 -  Air Date: 8/18/2000
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Rick catches Stephanie as she arrives back home. He asks her if she would mind him moving back into the main house, and Amber and the baby coming back to the guest house. Stephanie is surprised and wonders how CJ would deal with that, but agrees to think about it. CJ tells Amber that he cares for her and that his life with her and the baby means everything to him now. He kisses Amber again, later, Amber gets a call from Rick who asks her to think about moving back to the Forrester estate. Morgan is horrified that Stephanie tried to kill her baby. Ridge wonders if he made a mistake in stopping Stephanie. Morgan is fuming as Ridge tells her that he will only be looking out for his own family from now on. Morgan vows revenge on Stephanie.