Ep. #3359

Season 14, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 8/4/2000
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As Amber and CJ share dinner, she apologises for having the rockers in the house. CJ says he doesn‘t hold it against her and then removes his wedding ring. He says it is time to let Becky go and they dance. An officer later comes by and charges Amber with possession of drugs with the intent to sell. Morgan is on a high after seeing her baby on the screen. Clarke shares her joy, but reminds her that Stephanie can‘t find out that she is pregnant. Ridge and Taylor lay by the pool. Ridge suggests Taylor find another friend other than Morgan. Taylor can‘t shake the feeling that Morgan is hiding something. Stephanie finds the baby basket and then the crib. Stephanie rushes over to Morgan‘s doctor after finding an apointment book. Posing as Morgan‘s aunt, Stephanie learns that Morgan is pregnant.