Ep. #3355

Season 14, Episode 93 -  Air Date: 7/31/2000
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Kimberly tells Thorne that she will never forgive Brooke and that he needs to stop defending her. Kimberly says that she needs a friend but doesn‘t want to hear about Brooke. Thorne later finds Brooke waiting for him at home, they make love again as Kimberly glares at them. Rick goes to Amber‘s apartment to collect the baby from the Child Protection Agent. Rick can‘t believe Amber would get herself into such a situation. Rick takes the baby back to the Forrester guesthouse for the night. Eric goes to bail CJ and Amber out fo jail. Amber apologises to Eric but he tells them how angry he is that they would allow a party around the baby. CJ and Amber arrive home and find Rick there who tells them that little Eric will be staying with him for the night. CJ isn‘t happy, but Amber says they have to do what is best for the child.