Ep. #3354

Season 14, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 7/28/2000
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Kimberly tells Thorne that she doesn‘t hate him, infact she doesn‘t even blame him as she knows that he did love Macy. Thorne tries to talk about Brooke but Kimberly snaps at him and begs him not to marry her. Rick tells Eric that he misses the baby and feels that CJ is going to try and keep him for seeing little Eric. Eric says that Amber won‘t allow it, but Rick doesn‘t want it to come to that. Amber and CJ manage to get everyone to leave and Sam has a smug grin on her face as she does so. Amber is shocked when an officer shows up at the apartment. CJ and Amber act innocent when he finds the drugs. CJ and Amber try to defend themselves as they are arrested and the baby is taken from them. Amber calls Rick and begs for his help.