Ep. #3353

Season 14, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 7/27/2000
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Sally drops by to see Kimberly and wonders if it is wise for Kimberly to be living in Macy‘s old house and right next door to Thorne. Kimberly tells Sally that Macy wanted her there, and that the house was filled with happy times. Brooke and Thorne make the most of their evening alone at his house. Brooke informs him that she is taking a trip to Forrester International, so they make love out on the deck before she leaves. Kimberly spots them and is disgusted. Thorne later goes over when he sees the lights on and learns that Kimberly has moved in. Thorne comments that he hopes she will forgive him someday for everything that has happened. CJ finds Twister hanging over the baby and flips out. He tells Amber to get everyone to leave. Sam is busy getting drunk and then throwing abuse at Amber for being with Ash. CJ and Amber tell everyone to get out, but before she leaves Sam hides some pot in the apartment and calls the police.