Ep. #3352

Season 14, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 7/26/2000
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Taylor asks Morgan if she is ok, having overheard her run in with Stephanie. Morgan says she is worried that Taylor will turn on her and side with Stephanie. Taylor says there isn‘t anything Morgan can do to make her turn on her. Rick goes to Eric and tells him about CJ losing his temper. Eric asks if he feels the baby is in danger, Rick feels that he isn‘t but adds that he doesn‘t feel that apartment is the right enviroment to raise little Eric. CJ takes the baby into the bedroom to put him down when Ash, his girl Sam and another bandmember named Twister all barge into the apartment. CJ isn‘t happy as they all start drinking and making noise. Amber seems to be enjoying herself, while Sam is jealous of her talking with Ash. Twister begins getting a bit drunk and wanders into the baby‘s room.