Ep. #3351

Season 14, Episode 89 -  Air Date: 7/25/2000
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CJ isn‘t impressed when Ash stops by to see Amber. He invites Amber to see his band practise, but she turns him down. Ash decides to bring the party to Amber instead. Rick drops in later and CJ lays in to him about Brooke. Things get heated when Rick defends Brooke, so Amber has him leave. Stephanie warns Taylor and Ridge that Macy shouldn‘t have underestimated Brooke, the same way they underestimate Morgan. Taylor begins questioning Ridge when he suddenly agrees with Stephanie. Clarke suggests Morgan tell Ridge that she is pregnant, but she says she needs to keep it a secret. Stephanie notices them in close contact and barges in. Stephanie asks Clarke to leave the building as he isn‘t welcome there and then begins digging for answers from Morgan. Stephanie warns her not to cause any trouble and that she is on to her.