Ep. #3350

Season 14, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 7/24/2000
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C.J. and Amber both freak out a little after the kiss. They both make excuses for it and blame it on the stress. C.J. later goes to Spectra Fashions where Sally, Clarke, Darla and Kimberly are waiting with Connor Davis. Connor gives Macy‘s will to Sally in which she leaves Insomnia to C.J., her beach house to Kimberly, and her wardrobe and jewelry to Darla. Thorne is angry at Stephanie for making him choose. Brooke arrives to see him and thinks Stephanie is being cruel by putting Thorne in such a position. Thorne tells his family that he won‘t walk away from Brooke. Stephanie tells him that he is no longer welcome in their family and leaves with Ridge and Eric. Brooke apologises to Thorne but he insists that his future is with her. Kimberly moves into Macy‘s old house and watches Thorne and Brooke from the patio. Kimberly vows that Brooke will never have Thorne.