Ep. #3349

Season 14, Episode 87 -  Air Date: 7/21/2000
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Amber and C.J. debate on living together. C.J. thinks that he is a mess and shouldn‘t be around the baby, but Amber says that they both need him. C.J. admits that losing Becky and Macy has nearly pushed him over the edge. C.J. surprises Amber by kissing her. Taylor stops by the beach house to see Morgan and questions her about Clarke. Taylor suspects that Morgan and Clarke are a couple, but Morgan insists they are just friends. Thorne doesn‘t want to listen as Stephanie starts insulting Brooke. Stephanie says that Brooke is responsible for Macy‘s death and she needs to be out of the family. Stephanie explains that she is protecting her family and that he must make a choice. If he chooses Brooke, he is no longer a Forrester.