Ep. #3348

Season 14, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 7/20/2000
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Amber is surprised when C.J. acts jealous over her being with Ash. They get into an argument where Amber tells him that her life is none of his business. C.J. goes to leave but they both admit that they need one another. Clarke stops by to see Morgan who tells him that she is almost two months pregnant now. Clarke offers to help her any way he can which seems to make Morgan happy. Thorne finds Brooke laying in the broken window and Kimberly standing over her. Brooke says that Kimberly is out of control, but she suddenly vanishes. Thorne tells Brooke to leave town now. Stephanie, Eric and Ridge go to Thorne‘s house and decide to wait for him when he is not there. Thorne arrives home and is surprised that they are there. Stephanie tells him that they have a problem that needs to be eliminated.