Ep. #3347

Season 14, Episode 85 -  Air Date: 7/19/2000
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Ash flirts with Amber and apologises for the girls behavior at dinner. He gives Amber two tickets to his concert but she isn‘t interested. After they have a sarcastic debate, Amber warms to him and offers to give him a ride home. Darla helps C.J. with the baby. They discuss Macy and Darla is concerned when C.J. tells her that Sally took off. C.J. later finds Amber standing in the hall with Ash. Ash attempts to kiss her, but she walks away. C.J. wonders what is going on. Brooke fears for her life as the hooded figure smashes up her office. Brooke tries to apologise thinking that it is Sally, but the figure gets angrier, believing it then to be Stephanie, Brooke says that she loves Thorne. Brooke then realises that it is Kimberly. Kimberly accuses Brooke of killing Macy and then throws her through a window.