Ep. #3345

Season 14, Episode 83 -  Air Date: 7/17/2000
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Rick tells Amber that C.J. must hate him right now. Amber tells him that he isn‘t happy with any of the Forresters. Amber also says that Brooke is going to have the fight of her life once Stephanie finds out. Taylor runs into Brooke and is horrified when Brooke tells her that Stephanie has gone to the memorial. Taylor worries about Stephanie‘s health. Sally begins telling Stephanie that Thorne was seeing another woman. Eric and Ridge try to get Sally to stop but she goes on and tells her that Macy is dead because of Brooke. Stephanie is confused, but becomes furious when she realises that Thorne is seeing Brooke. Stephanie hits him and calls him a fool. A huge argument breaks out as everyone airs their views. Stephanie suddenly falls to floor and is out cold.