Ep. #3344

Season 14, Episode 82 -  Air Date: 7/14/2000
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Thorne tells Stephanie that he is going to Macy‘s memorial alone, but Stephanie later jumps in her car and rides off too, calling Megan on the way. Brooke finds Eric and Ridge at Forrester Creations. They lay in to her about how her relationship with Thorne has only brought tragedy. Megan informs them that Stephanie is going to the memorial, which worries them all. Roberta comes to the memorial. Sally gives a speech and talks about how Macy was the joy of her life. C.J. follows with kind and loving words of his sister. Thorne and Stephanie arrive, Clarke has to hold C.J. back and Sally bits her tongue as Thorne talks about Macy. Sally flips when Thorne says that he loved Macy. Stephanie is shocked and Ridge and Eric enter the chapel and try to pull her away. Stephanie demands to know what is going on.