Ep. #3343

Season 14, Episode 81 -  Air Date: 7/13/2000
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Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor gather at Forrester Creations all in shock over Macy‘s death. Stephanie wonders why she hasn‘t heard from Thorne and why Macy was with Brooke. Taylor takes Stephanie to rest in Ridge‘s office and Eric tells Ridge that Stephanie can‘t find out that Thorne is involved with Brooke at such a sensitive time. Megan later informs Eric that Stephanie has left the building. Thorne tells Brooke that he hasn‘t been invited to Macy‘s memorial but is going anyway. Stephanie barges in with comfort for Thorne and doesn‘t understand why she knew nothing of the memorial service. Sally, Clarke, Kimberly, C.J. and Darla gather for the service and Sally says she doesn‘t want any Forresters there. Sally sobs that she needs Macy. C.J. calls Thorne and warns him to stay away.