Ep. #3342

Season 14, Episode 80 -  Air Date: 7/12/2000
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Bridget flips out when Amber suggests that Brooke and Thorne are romantically involved. Rick tries to get her to calm down but Bridget storms out when Rick says that he doesn‘t see anything wrong with Brooke being with Thorne. Once alone Rick lets Amber know that Brooke and Thorne are in fact a couple. Brooke blames herself for Macy‘s death but Thorne tries to reassure her. Brooke wonders how Sally will cope with losing her daughter. C.J. orders Kimberly to tell them what is going on. Sally gently probes Kimberly for answers. Kimberly babbles that there was a car accident and that Macy is dead. Sally refuses to believe it and leaves for the cabin, but is stopped by two officers on the way out. Sally yells out in agony as they confirm that Macy is dead.